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Preventing the risk of fraud and illegal activities, Changee does its best to protect its users and partners. To this end, we take specific measures to ensure customer due diligence and secure financial transactions. The AML/KYC procedure is considered one of the best ways to confirm that a customer is a law-abiding individual or entity.

Changee has an automated risk assessment system to detect suspicious activity during transactions. A transaction will be suspended, if the system flagged it as suspicious. The user will be prompted for an AML/KYC check. For security reasons, we cannot disclose specific risk assessment criteria for our system, but it has proven very effective in combating money laundering and fraud.

We inform you that Changee reserves the right to appoint a third-party service provider to conduct the AML/KYC procedure. When processing information, the service provider will comply with our Privacy Policy to ensure the privacy of your personal information.

Changee may share information from the AML/KYC procedure with law enforcement authorities if legally requested.

Changee will never enter into any agreement with an individual or entity suspected or directly involved in money laundering or in case funds are known to be derived from illegal activity.

AML and KYC procedure

The AML/KYC procedure may apply to transactions that are flagged as suspicious by our automated risk prevention system. In these cases, the user must contact our support team via email or online chat and be prepared to provide a transaction ID.

The AML/KYC procedure consists of confirming the User's identity and, in some cases, confirming the legality of ownership of funds by providing documents.

After receiving the documents, Changee takes the measures to recognize misleading documentation, forgery, or any false information and reserves the right to investigate certain users or transactions flagged as suspicious.

Transactions will only be carried out, once the AML/KYC procedure is successfully completed.

If the Service receives any information from law enforcement, regulators, legal entities, or other competent authorities that the transaction/source address/receiver address may be involved in any kind of fraud, money laundering, or other suspicious activity, Changee reserves the right to not perform any activity on customer funds during the investigation.

Bearing in mind the features of the blockchain, if the user does not contact the Service for a significant time without completing the AML/KYC procedure, a refund or resumption of exchange is possible only after KYC is completed.


Changee is committed to providing fast service and making processes as transparent as possible. Any changes or updates to the AML/KYC procedure are provided to the user via email or other means and are reflected on our official website at